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SEO Planning and Early Implementation

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SEO Planning and Early Implementation

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SEO Planning and Early Implementation

Because Search Engine Optimization or SEO is such an important part of any online business’s livelihood it has to be addressed very carefully by planning it and implementing it in stages. SEO for organic search can be done by hiring a professional or by doing it on your own. In this article I’ll give you a basic overview how to do it inhouse without spending money on an expensive SEO specialist.

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Before further going into SEO planning let me quickly point out the benefits of successful SEO campaign:

    • Increased website traffic – in majority cases it means increased customer number and more sales!


    • Brand name recognition – the top positions on the search page makes a website to look more important than other websites underneath it. People expect top brand websites to be on top!


    • Less expenses for other kinds of marketing – in many cases, top website placement on a search results page gives to a site enough business and branding to abolish additional marketing.


    • Investor assurance – to attract new investors to a website it has to be in top positions. Nobody likes giving money to a looser.


Now let’s enter the SEO planning stage. There are simple steps that a successful website marketer should take. It is surprising though how many of them miss many of those steps:

    • Understand your competition! Find your competition, analyse your competition, and analyse your competition! Of course, if you will copy your competition till the last letter, it will not make you successful. You must know about your competition as much as possible though to get out of the box view about the business that you are in.


    • Understand your product! If you think that you know everything about it, I believe you! But think from your customer perspective. This will give you some new ideas especially in keyword world.


    • Understand who is your customer. Write a list of attributes of your potential customers: age, location, salary group, employment, family status, and etc. Every business has its own important customer group, find yours! Believe me, it is hard to sell heavy-metal concert tickets to senior citizens or fish food to cat owners.


    • Understand your website structure. It is important to know how your customer can go from one page to another, what are the titles of your page, URL naming conversions.


    • Understand your site content including photos, documents, video files, etc. What are the meaning of them and benefits?


    • Understand your brand. Who you are in eyes of your customers?

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After understanding your business and your cusatomers, you can start implementing the SEO. Here are 10 steps what you must do in order to rank high on search engines listings:

1. Join the social media sites and make your website famous by telling about it to everybody!

2. Publish articles related to your website to as many sites as possible! Do not forget to include your keywords in those articles!

3. Blog about your website and the related topics!

4. Have a press release! Of course, if you can attract press into your release!

5. Don’t forget to submit your website to search engines! Most web traffic will come from and!

6. If you are into writing, distribute an ebook or a couple of them! Of course, do not forget to sneak in your links inside!

7. Promote your blogs and articles to your email list!

8. Get on YouTube!

9. Answer questions from your customers on your website!

10. Do not forget photos in your articles and blog posts!

You can also get a couple of thousand visitors from! It’s not free but very cheap and 100% human! I just had to mention that!

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