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Buy Website Traffic And Succeed

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Buy Website Traffic

Buy Website Traffic And Succeed

When you buy website traffic you can get only positive results (besides loosing money paid if you will choose incompetent traffic provider, of course). It will not affect your website’s SEO or Google Adwords (or any other advertising platform’s) in any negative way. It is perfectly legal web business advertising model which is being used by many multi-million Dollar companies all around the world. As with any advertising strategy, it will not work for everybody. This article will in depth analyze all the common negative perceptions about online traffic buying. After reading it you will be able to choose competent provider and buy website traffic with confidence.
When you buy website traffic your search engine optimization will not be affected in any negative way. Actually, your SEO will only will increase. Google and other leading search engines give extra points to popular sites and move less popular to the bottom of search results pages. Google tracks websites’ popularity by using its Chrome browser and browser add-ons.
You buy website traffic with intent to sell more product or services. It also works with Google Ads (aka Google Adwords) and other advertising models. The only thing you have to realize is that it will not work by itself. To make a difference in conversions you have to make your website attractive to users, you products or services have to be priced correctly and be in high demand. You will never get any good results with unattractive badly designed site and if you sell overpriced or unneeded products or services. Before you buy website traffic, make sure that your website is ready for it!

Buy Website Traffic
There are couple kinds of website traffic. The most popular one is Targeted Traffic. Quality targeted traffic works for majority of websites. It does not work only for websites where Google Analytics data is important. The reason is that most of targeted traffic is generated by third party websites. Google Analytics cannot read third party cookies and will not show majority of traffic. For that reason website traffic suppliers have Google Analytics or GA traffic. GA traffic is generated by second party websites and will be visible to all website statistics monitoring tools. This traffic is more expensive. So before you buy website traffic, you need to understand which one is the best for your site.
The secret of succeeding when you buy website traffic is not to buy too little. Many people think that if they buy a small amount, such as 5000 visitors, they instantly will get sales and sign ups. If that were the truth, all the marketing professionals would loose their high paying jobs… Sometimes it works, but most of the time you need to buy website traffic constantly for a couple of months. After you establish continuous traffic flow, you can expect solid conversion rate on your website business. Majority traffic will not convert, so do not stop in the middle of the road and advance to achieve you goals!

If you buy website traffic, you must prepare your site for visitors. Most made mistake is when people just buy website traffic and wait for magic to happen. Let me tell you a secret: there is no magic! In order for targeted traffic to work you must prepare your site! You have to design nice conversion funnels, make sure that your products and services are quality grade and competitively priced, and your website is easy to navigate… Design your site so a visitor would like it. Nobody wants to end up in some antiquated and badly designed place… You have to earn visitor’s trust first and only then you can hope to convert him or her into paying customer!

Buy Website Traffic Quality
You should buy website traffic all year long. There are no best days, weeks, or months for that type of internet marketing. People’s conversions are unexpected. You will never know when you will hit the right person who will buy your product or service. If you cannot afford to buy website traffic in large quantities, we suggest you to buy in smaller badges. Just do it constantly. This type of internet marketing works! It is being used by most top Fortune 500 companies. Naturally, it is really hard to find yourself on top of the list of best companies in the world. Before buying, of course, do some research. Your targeting should be as close to your products’ or services’ type as possible. We also suggest for you to play with the types of traffic. If one category does not work, try other.
Besides Targeted and Google Analytics traffic many website traffic providers offer Adult traffic. Adult traffic is is for everything adult. For example, pornography, gambling, alcohol and tobacco are very good examples of types of items that can be viewed only by adults. Because our traffic consists of real people we insist that adult elements would be shown only to people over 21. Websites with adult content also cannot have automatically starting sounds or videos. Adult traffic is more expensive. The reason for that is that we have to extra filter our traffic to make sure that your audience consists out of adult people only. So when you buy website traffic for website with adult content you have to make sure that you buy adult traffic only.
In most cases website traffic flow can be timed pretty well, but sometimes the campaign can be extended by a few hours or even days. The reason is the independent traffic flow monitoring service Bitly which is used by most website traffic providers. It monitors website traffic independently and its numbers cannot be affected neither by provider’s nor be customer’s wishes. The only problem with Bitly is that it doesn’t count every visitor. Usually, between 80% and 60% of visitors get uncounted and are not shown in Bitly’s statistics. Because of that we have to send extra visitors free of charge. On average each of our customers gets about 150% of visitors that he or she orders. Buy website traffic from us with confidence that you will not only get all the ordered visitors but also some will receive some extra ones free of charge.
If you buy targeted website traffic you get website visitors indirectly. When a visitor clicks on one of our links placed all around the internet, he or she is directed to one of our clients’ websites with similar category that the link which a visitor clicks. This redirection or transfer is called third party transfer. The only issue with the third party transfers is that some of online statistics tools do not read third party cookies and do not count the visits. Google Analytics is one of those tools. For that reason we also provide spacial traffic called Google Analytics traffic (GA traffic). Google Analytics traffic is generated by direct transfers from the host website and can be registered by almost all web statistics tools. Because it is direct traffic, it costs more to generate then other types of traffic.

Buy Website Traffic Targeted
When a visitor enters your site you should make sure that he or she is comfortable there. Flashing advertisements, automatic starting music, annoying pop ups can scare your potential customer. When you buy website traffic, make sure that your site is welcoming and easily navigable. There is nothing more aggravating then confusing navigation. Unless potential customer feels comfortable, he or she will not trust your site and will not buy your product or sign up for your services.
Buy website traffic only if it works for your business. Although, buying website traffic is safe for all the websites, in some rear cases, it might not help to increase profits. For example, if your site is poorly prepared to capture interest of a visitor, most of the traffic will leave your website immediately. You have to make sure that visitor’s attention is locked to your site as soon as he or she gets there. If you sell a product, interest your visitor with nicest photos of your products and do not forget to include information about discounts. As with everything, do not overdue with graphics. Too much blinking stuff on the website also can scare people. Visitors love simplicity and overwhelming stuff makes them uncomfortable.
One has to be careful though and buy website traffic only from reputable provider. There are a lot of website traffic providers but only a few good ones. How to distinguish good ones from bad ones? First of all, look at provider’s website content. It has to have a lot of valuable resources and informative professional articles. Anyone can create a website with little or no content but only professionals can create valuable long content. In general, professional articles should be at least 2000 words. Majority of bad website providers articles are 300 – 500 words. Articles should contain information about website traffic. Fishy website traffic providers post any articles on any topics just to make their site look live and informative. This information helps a lot of beginners to choose the right supplier.
Buy website traffic only if your website is ready to accept traffic. One of the biggest mistakes one can do is to get visitors when the website is not ready to accept them. It does not make any sense to invest in something which will not bring any profits.
If you buy website traffic, you not only get potential customers but also potential your business advertisers. If your visitors like your site, they definitely will tell about it to their friends and relatives. Mouth-to-mouth is the best advertising ever! People believe their friends more then TV or the Internet combined. There are a lot of successful businesses who use mouth-to-mouth advertising only. With paid traffic you kill two birds at once: you get potential customer base and potential advertisers.



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