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How Buying Traffic Can Help Your Business

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Buying Traffic

How Buying Traffic Can Help Your Business

If you have a business that is fully or partly done by using the Internet, this article is for you. Here, in simple words, we will explain how buying website traffic can help to increase your business. We will also show you a couple of examples and give you real world data and numbers to fully understand the buying traffic process, its benefits, and tricky parts. After reading this article you will be able to make a decision if buying traffic is for you.

What does buying traffic mean?

Website traffic buying is a process of paying a website traffic provider for an agreed amount of website visitors. After a client pays for visitors, the provider directs amount of visitors to buyers website. The traffic is directed in packets. The size of the packets is chosen by the buyer. For example, if buyer buys 10,000 visitors, he or she can choose how many visitors a day should the website get. For faster result one can order all 10,000 to be received in 1 day, for slow but more predictable results one can request for all traffic to be sent in 60 days. The website business owner has to understand that the more he or she orders, the more potential customers can be converted and the website has to be ready for them. Buying traffic is a popular marketing procedure done by many world famous companies to get in front of their competitors.

How do website traffic providers get traffic?

Website traffic buying starts with the traffic provider. Providers usually own many websites, domains, and even hosting and search engine companies. They place various advertisements on those websites and portals. If visitors like or are interested into those advertisements, they click on them. That’s how website traffic providers get the traffic. If some website who sells shoes for example, buys traffic, it will get visitors who clicked on advertisements related to shoes. Similarly, people who are interested into mobile phones will be send to websites who ordered traffic interested in mobile phones. Visitors are sorted by business category, location, and the device that they are using. So if a traffic buyer wants to receive website traffic only from one country, he or she can request that. By looking at visitor’s IP address, website traffic provider can see which geographical location is the visitor from and decide to send it to a buyer or not. The same is with the device a visitor is using. It can be seen by website traffic provider. The process of buying traffic is easy and self explanatory.

Advantages of buying traffic:

  • Flexibility in the amount of visitors.

    When buying website traffic one needs to decide how many visitors she needs. The more you get visitors – the more potential customers you can get. You have to understand though that if you will get sudden increase in business your website has to be ready for that. There is no more aggravating situation as non-fully functioning and not loading website. You can start with ordering 5,000 visitors in beginning to see if it works for you. We would suggest though to try ordering traffic a couple of times. A single order might not be the best indicator because of timing, season, and other factors.

  • Flexibility in length of campaign.

    As a buyer, you can decide how long should last the marketing campaign. When buying traffic you pay for a particular amount of visitors and then you decide  how many of them to receive every day. For faster but not as consistent results, you can absorb entire amount in one day, be for better results we suggest do have longer campaigns. Usually, the shortest campaigns can be performed in 1 day and the longest can last up to 60 days. As you can see, buying traffic empowers the buyer to make personalised campaigns that will work best for each businesses.

Buying Traffic Visitors

  • Clear payment model.

    There is nothing more frustrating to the customer then hidden payment models. When buying traffic most providers use clear payment models. In other words, before the transaction you already know how many visitors and how fast you will get. Pay-as-you-go simplifies the transactions and shows that the business is a honest one. There are two most popular payment models:

    1. One time – you pay for each amount of visitors.
    2. Monthly – provider deducts a certain amount from your account every month till you cancel the subscription.

    Both models are good but one might work better than the other for a certain businesses. Buying traffic incorporates honesty and simplicity.

  • Flexibility in business category.

    Buying traffic gives ability to website owners to get right visitors by  choosing their website’s category. If you sell car parts for example, when buying traffic you choose “Automotive – Parts” as your business category. In this case you will receive visitors who are interested into car parts. Chosen the right category is important, because that will determine the conversion rate. The closer the business category on provider’s website is to your web business, the bigger chance to have good conversion rate.

  • Flexibility in geographical location.

    Besides great collection of different business categories, buying traffic gives you ability to expand business by requesting traffic from a particular geographical location. Visitor’s geographical location is determined by his IP address. For example, if a buyer requests traffic from United States, the provider sends his way only visitors with American IP addresses. No other digital advertising model can be as efficient with geographical localization as traffic buying in bulk method. Buying traffic  gives you ability to get clients from all around the world.

  • Competitive prices.

    Website traffic is a global commodity. It means that it’s price is more or less the same everywhere in the world. That makes website traffic price pretty stable and affordable. In comparison to other digital advertising models, buying traffic is really cheap. In some cases, for example versus Cost-Per-Click advertising, buying traffic can be about 1000 times cheaper (Source: Truth Behind Cheap Traffic)! Also, because of its global availability, there is a healthy competition among its providers what makes traffic prices very reasonable.


Buying Traffic Cheap


  • Flexibility in contractual agreements.

    Because of website traffic’s global nature and fierce competition among providers the customer gets many additional perks. Flexibility in contractual agreement is one of those perks. Differently than in other marketing models, buying traffic does not imprison  a customer in a long term or beneficial contract. Majority providers do not use any contracts at all. Some that use are those with monthly subscriptions. Although, most monthly subscriptions can be canceled any time with just a few pushes of a button.

  • Great monitoring tools.

    When buying traffic, one gets top of the line monitoring tools to monitor all incoming visitors. Best providers use Google’s URL shortener to display to their clients how many visitors were delivered, their geographical location, browsers, referrals, and platforms that they use. In addition to that, may picture based website statistic counters can be used to independently verify number of guests. Although, Google’s Analythics is a great tool for some pieces of data about a website, because of its inability to track third party cookies, it is not used for bulk traffic monitoring.

Buying traffic gets your business many benefits:

  • Increase in revenue.

Buying traffic gets you many visitors. The more quality visitors you get – the more customers you acquire. More customers means bigger profits! Just getting a lot of visitors to your website will not by itself increase your profits though. Your website has to be ready for them and your inventory has to be well priced and attractive. Buying traffic is just another way to do digital marketing that brings people to your storefront. But it’s your job to convince them to buy something from you! If used wisely, buying traffic can greatly increase you profits!

  • Increase in popularity.

Buying traffic automatically increases your website in popularity. You will ask how? It is simple: the more people visit your website the more people will talk about your website. The visitors are not only your potential customers, but also your potential advertisers! To utilize this benefit of your new traffic, you have to make your website worth talking about. If you sell good product, have a nice sale, or your website is stunning, it is easy to become popular. That is why it is very important not only to have a good product or service for sale, but also the design and navigation of your website should be nice and friendly.

Buying Traffic Website

  • Decrease in workload.

Everybody agrees that the best work is done by professionals. If you are a marketing guru – do your marketing yourself! But if you into running your business, maybe it is easier if your marketing will be done by people who everyday work by providing best quality visitors for the best price on the internet! Buying traffic will take hard job of getting customers to your website from your hands. As we pointed out before, the prices for internet visitors are low, so you should take care of your business running needs and let professional to take care of your marketing!

  • Specialization benefits.

Everybody knows that the best job is always done by a professional who specializes in something what he or she does! Traffic providers are those professionals! Buying traffic gives a business owner freedom to do what he does best – running the business! Instead of rooming in internet marketing’s maze one can plan sales, organize shipping, or expand the business. Website traffic bought in bulk is cheap, it works, and is absolutely safe to buy from reputable providers.

  • Increase in click-through rate.

Buying traffic helps increase click-through rate. People who base their website business on AdSense knows very well how quality visitors are important! When you get targeted traffic to your website and have targeted advertisements this duet means increased profits. Targeted traffic is presorted, so we approximately know what interests the visitors. When you buy website traffic from reputable provider, you get to choose what business category best describes your business. As we mentioned earlier,  buying traffic is absolutely safe for Google’s AdSense and even encouraged! Many companies count on targeted traffic for 100% of their marketing needs.

  • Boost in Alexa rating.

Alexa Internet Inc. is an internet company that provides website data and analytics. It gives to websites popularity score which is important number to any website because it partly determines the value of the website. Many web base business owners buy Alexa traffic to improve their website’s global ranking. Good global ranking not only increases the value of the website but also helps with search engine optimization and authority of the website. It also shows to your customers that your website is legit and well standing.

Common traffic buying pitfalls:

Although buying traffic is safe and does not harm your website in any way, shape, or form, you have to watch out for fake traffic. Fake traffic is artificial traffic generated by computers – not humans and it does not convert. To discover if the traffic is fake, you have to start with the providers website. Usually, you can tell that the provider is not real by many grammatical, design, and other mistakes on the website. In addition, look for provider’s physical address on the website and see if it is listed on Google Business. If there is no address or address is incomplete or non existing – run away! Although fake traffic will not harm your website or your business, it will cost you money and will not bring any results.

An example:

Buying traffic means getting traffic cheaply. Although, website traffic providers do not guarantee results, with cleverly chosen business category and good timing one can get pretty good conversion rate. Let’s look at an example: You can get 5,000 visitors for around $10. Let’s say you sell items and your net income is $10 for each item sold. So if at least two visitors out of 5000 buy your items your investment of $10 fully pays off and you make a profit of $10. In marketing terms, the super miniscule conversion rate of 0.04 would still bring you a profit of $10. If you would get a conversion rate of 5%, your $10 investment will get you $250 profit.




July 18, 2017 at 4:58 am

Thank you for interesting article. I was thinking about buying traffic for a long time. What are cons of buying website traffic?


    July 18, 2017 at 5:03 am

    Buying traffic is safe business practice that many big companies do to stay in front of competition. You only have to watch out for fake traffic sellers, because fake traffic doesn’t convert.


July 19, 2017 at 4:51 am

Thank you. Now I look differently to buying traffic for my business!


July 20, 2017 at 5:16 am

Thanks for great article! It helped me to understand what does buying traffic for business is!


October 29, 2018 at 10:05 pm

Lot of interesting things to think about. We are redoing our web site right now, and web site traffic is my number one concern. Thanks!

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