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Explained: How To Buy Web Traffic Safe

There are a lot of online articles helping entrepreneurs to create new online businesses but there are little reliable information of how to get visitors to come those businesses. In this article we will explain how to get visitors and convert them into customers by the process of buying internet traffic. We will give examples and analyze traffic buying benefits and show common traffic buying pitfalls. After this article you will know enough to make an informed decision if traffic buying is for your business.

If you are thinking to buy web traffic, you are making a smart move. Targeted web traffic is cheap, you are in full control of entire process, it has clear payment model, great monitoring tools, and a lot of benefits financial and SEO benefits. The pitfalls of web traffic buying are the fake web traffic providers and scamming websites.

When you buy web traffic from a reputable provider, you are in control of how many visitors you get when you place an order. Differently than in other digital advertising models, you pay only for a certain number of visitors that will be directed to your website. There is no guessing here. If an online shoe store owner decides that she needs to increase her profits this month, she simply can order 10,000 potential customers to be delivered to her storefront. 10,000 visitors will be delivered and her number will increase.

Reputable web traffic providers use clear payment models. You pay for traffic first, then your payment and the website are approved, and finally you get agreed amount of visitors delivered to your website. Entire process can take a couple of hours, but sometimes it can take up to 24 hours. The more visitors you order, the more potential customers you will get. Its up to you how much traffic you should order. Of a lite increase in customer number you can order 5,000 to 10,000 but for bigger spike in sales one can get upto 250,000 visitors.

Buy Web Traffic Infogram

When you buy web traffic, you decide how long your traffic campaigns should last. In other words, you decide in how many days you should get all the visitors. To boost your sales fast, some website owners order entire inventory to be delivered in a few days. If you look for slower results, you can order inventory to be delivered in 30 or 60 days. High concentration of traffic is not recommended for websites that are hosted on weaker servers.

Web traffic gives you ability to decide from which geographical location your traffic should come from. For example, some websites do business only with certain regions, so they are not interested in global traffic (and vice versa). Reputable web traffic providers cover almost all major geographical areas. Visitor providers determine the location of a visitor from his or her IP address.

Targeted web traffic prices are very stable and low. They are much lower than in popular Pay-Per-Click model. The reason is that the traffic recipients (customers) do not have to compete with each other like in some other digital advertising models. Also, there are no keyword auctions, which makes the business environment much more pleasant and less stressful. You can still find reputable web traffic providers (VisitorMaker.Com for example) who can send you 5000 quality visitors for less than $10.

When you buy web traffic, you choose a category which best describes your website. How website traffic provider knows which visitor is interested in which category? Website visitor provider places advertisements on various websites and domains. If a visitor likes an advertisement which displays women’s shoes, for example and clicks on it, she will be redirected to a website which selected women’s shoes for its category. That’s it! When you buy traffic, you can select only one category. Those, who want to receive traffic for multiple categories, will need to place separate traffic orders for each one.

Buy Web Traffic Tips

When you buy web traffic, you get great monitoring tools to track your incoming visitors. Although Google Analytics is a great tool for analysation of website data, it is not the best one for tracking the incoming targeted traffic. Most web traffic providers use third party cookies which are not readable by Google Analytics. The other Google’s tool called, a domain name shorteners, is an excellent tool for tracking and verifying incoming web traffic. Some third party web statistics tracker, such as or can also be used to track the visitors.

Differently than some people think, buying web traffic does not harm website’s SEO. Moreover, it helps SEO! The more visitors a website gets, the more SEO points are given by Google to improve the website’s authority. Google tracks website’s popularity by using data from Google Analytics, Webmasters Tools, Chrome Browser, Google Toolbar, and of course Google Search. In this very competitive internet world, for online business to succeed one needs all the SEO benefits that he or she can get.

The process of buying web traffic drastically decreases website administrator’s workload. Just imagine how much time and money one can save by eliminating marketing work? It is possible to eliminate entire departments just by outsourcing website marketing to website traffic providers. There are a lot of big and small successful businesses operating only by using web traffic buying as their marketing strategy. Don’t forget that visitors that you are getting from provider are not only your potential customers, but also your potential advertisers. Often, if people really like a website, they share it with their friends, what increases website’s popularity.

When you buy web traffic from reputable provider, you will be serviced by professional who knows his niche best. The magic of specialization is that it’s outcome is the best products and services available. Instead maintaining the business, updating website and, on top of it – doing its marketing, a website owner should outsource some or all less known spheres to other professionals. Bulk web visitors are cheap: you can get 5000 quality targeted visitors for less than $10. So why to waste hours, days, or even weeks on marketing which might even not work?

Buy Web Traffic Contract

Majority of web visitors providers do not use contracts with their clients. In other words, you pay as you go and you will not have to sign any contracts. That is good practice, because sometimes business goals and advertising strategies change. Having no contract, you are not obligated to continue the service and easily can change to different business category, geographical location, or number of visitors. No contract also helps to test the services. One can buy only a small amount of visitors and see if it works for the business.

Although conversion rate is never guaranteed, when you buy web traffic from reputable providers you get quite good numbers. Conversion rate is a percentage of users who become paying customers (or take any desired by website owner action). The average conversion rate for landing page is about 2.35%, while highest is up to 11.5%. Conversion rate has 3 main factors:

  • Landing page design
  • Attractiveness of product or service sold
  • Web traffic quality.

To have good conversion rate all three factors must be present. If any of these factors is missing, to achieve good conversion rate will be hard. So every website owner must make sure that his or her website is ready to accept web traffic. Use clean design with natural navigation and well priced products.

By buying web traffic you not only buy your potential customers, but also you get your potential advertisers. Every visitor who comes to your site can become your free spokesman if he or she really likes your product or service. In today’s viral society it is really easy to share useful information with your countless Facebook or Twitter friends. Make your website that useful information and the number of your visitors will skyrocket.

Buy Web Traffic Store

To use the web traffic fully, you have to make sure that you chose the correct category. If you mark wrong category, your traffic will not convert. You can get the highest quality visitors, but if they will be interested in cars and your website is about gardening, there will be no action… The same is also with the geographical location the traffic comes from. If you sell batteries only in UK, potential buyers from Vietnam will not become your customers. Although it sounds simple logic, you will not believe how many people mistakenly chose wrong category or wrong geographical location.

The biggest danger in buying traffic is the fake traffic. Fake traffic is ghost traffic generated by computers and it does not convert. Computer programs send identical signals to internet visitors, so the tracing programs are useless in identifying fake visitors. To them ghost traffic and real people lock exactly the same. To discover if traffic is real, a website administrator has to look at these elements of website statistics:

  • Average Session Duration
  • Bounce Rate
  • Pages/Session
  • New Sessions

Average session duration is time how long a visitor stays on the landing page. Average session duration from Google Search is about 50 seconds. When you buy fake (ghost) web traffic, your average session durations are close to 0, because computer program generated traffic doesn’t interact with the web page.

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who navigate away from the website after viewing only one page. Average bounce rate is from 41% to 70%, while excellent is 26% to 40%. There are exceptions, such as news, blogs, events, etc. While searching for a particular article or news item, visitors skim through many different websites entering and leaving them, so those kind of websites usually have less than average bounce rates, even being highest quality. The website administrator who receives fake traffic will see bounce rate close to 100%.

Pages per Session is the average number of pages looked at during a session. The more pages are viewed per session, the more the users are engaged into your website. If the traffic sent to your website is fake, you will see pages per session number very low.

Percent of New Sessions is the average of new (first-time) visitors coming to your website. It is natural that when you buy web traffic your traffic is completed from new to your website visitors. In this case the percent of new sessions will be very high. Eventually though, the number should get lower because some of the visitors who were new to you in the beginning, will come back and Google Analytics will register them as returning visitors.

Pageviews is the number of pages visitors view on the website. With natural visitors, you get healthy mix of people just viewing one page and people viewing multiple. When you receive fake traffic, your pageviews number will be very close to number of sessions number (fake traffic doesn’t explore the sites).

Buy Web Traffic Quality

The other metrics do not help with discovery of fake traffic. The other metrics include:

  • Sessions
  • Users

Sessions metric shows the number of times people are engaging on your site. In other words, everybody who enters your site is engaging into it. Unfortunately, Analytics does not distinguish between human and computer program and both get the same number.

Users are everybody (human or computer) who has at least one session on your site. Again, because it is very hard to distinguish if a user is life human or computer signal, it is not a good metric for discovery of fake traffic.

In conclusion, when you buy web traffic from reputable provider, you get high quality web visitors with great potency to convert into paying customers. One thing you have to be courtois though is fake traffic. Fake traffic is generated by computers and does not convert. To catch a website who sells fake traffic it is possible and before the order. Read through the provider’s website carefully. Scammers usually make grammatical and design mistakes, do not put their real address on the website or are not listed on Google’s Maps.












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