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Buy Website Traffic

Buy Website Traffic And Succeed

When you buy website traffic you can get only positive results (besides loosing money paid if you will choose incompetent traffic provider, of course). It will not affect your website’s SEO or Google Adwords (or any other advertising platform’s) in any negative way. It is perfectly legal web business advertising model which is being used by many multi-million Dollar companies all around the world. As with any advertising strategy, it will not work for everybody. This article will in depth analyze all the common negative perceptions about online traffic buying. After reading it you will be able to choose competent provider and buy website traffic with confidence.
When you buy website traffic your search engine optimization will not be affected in any negative way. Actually, your SEO will only will increase. Google and other leading search engines give extra points to popular sites and move less popular to the bottom of search results pages. Google tracks websites’ popularity by using its Chrome browser and browser add-ons.
You buy website traffic with intent to sell more product or services. It also works with Google Ads (aka Google Adwords) and other advertising models. The only thing you have to realize is that it will not work by itself. To make a difference in conversions you have to make your website attractive to users, you products or services have to be priced correctly and be in high demand. You will never get any good results with unattractive badly designed site and if you sell overpriced or unneeded products or services. Before you buy website traffic, make sure that your website is ready for it!

Buy Website Traffic
There are couple kinds of website traffic. The most popular one is Targeted Traffic. Quality targeted traffic works for majority of websites. It does not work only for websites where Google Analytics data is important. The reason is that most of targeted traffic is generated by third party websites. Google Analytics cannot read third party cookies and will not show majority of traffic. For that reason website traffic suppliers have Google Analytics or GA traffic. GA traffic is generated by second party websites and will be visible to all website statistics monitoring tools. This traffic is more expensive. So before you buy website traffic, you need to understand which one is the best for your site.
The secret of succeeding when you buy website traffic is not to buy too little. Many people think that if they buy a small amount, such as 5000 visitors, they instantly will get sales and sign ups. If that were the truth, all the marketing professionals would loose their high paying jobs… Sometimes it works, but most of the time you need to buy website traffic constantly for a couple of months. After you establish continuous traffic flow, you can expect solid conversion rate on your website business. Majority traffic will not convert, so do not stop in the middle of the road and advance to achieve you goals!

If you buy website traffic, you must prepare your site for visitors. Most made mistake is when people just buy website traffic and wait for magic to happen. Let me tell you a secret: there is no magic! In order for targeted traffic to work you must prepare your site! You have to design nice conversion funnels, make sure that your products and services are quality grade and competitively priced, and your website is easy to navigate… Design your site so a visitor would like it. Nobody wants to end up in some antiquated and badly designed place… You have to earn visitor’s trust first and only then you can hope to convert him or her into paying customer!

Buy Website Traffic Quality
You should buy website traffic all year long. There are no best days, weeks, or months for that type of internet marketing. People’s conversions are unexpected. You will never know when you will hit the right person who will buy your product or service. If you cannot afford to buy website traffic in large quantities, we suggest you to buy in smaller badges. Just do it constantly. This type of internet marketing works! It is being used by most top Fortune 500 companies. Naturally, it is really hard to find yourself on top of the list of best companies in the world. Before buying, of course, do some research. Your targeting should be as close to your products’ or services’ type as possible. We also suggest for you to play with the types of traffic. If one category does not work, try other.
Besides Targeted and Google Analytics traffic many website traffic providers offer Adult traffic. Adult traffic is is for everything adult. For example, pornography, gambling, alcohol and tobacco are very good examples of types of items that can be viewed only by adults. Because our traffic consists of real people we insist that adult elements would be shown only to people over 21. Websites with adult content also cannot have automatically starting sounds or videos. Adult traffic is more expensive. The reason for that is that we have to extra filter our traffic to make sure that your audience consists out of adult people only. So when you buy website traffic for website with adult content you have to make sure that you buy adult traffic only.
In most cases website traffic flow can be timed pretty well, but sometimes the campaign can be extended by a few hours or even days. The reason is the independent traffic flow monitoring service Bitly which is used by most website traffic providers. It monitors website traffic independently and its numbers cannot be affected neither by provider’s nor be customer’s wishes. The only problem with Bitly is that it doesn’t count every visitor. Usually, between 80% and 60% of visitors get uncounted and are not shown in Bitly’s statistics. Because of that we have to send extra visitors free of charge. On average each of our customers gets about 150% of visitors that he or she orders. Buy website traffic from us with confidence that you will not only get all the ordered visitors but also some will receive some extra ones free of charge.
If you buy targeted website traffic you get website visitors indirectly. When a visitor clicks on one of our links placed all around the internet, he or she is directed to one of our clients’ websites with similar category that the link which a visitor clicks. This redirection or transfer is called third party transfer. The only issue with the third party transfers is that some of online statistics tools do not read third party cookies and do not count the visits. Google Analytics is one of those tools. For that reason we also provide spacial traffic called Google Analytics traffic (GA traffic). Google Analytics traffic is generated by direct transfers from the host website and can be registered by almost all web statistics tools. Because it is direct traffic, it costs more to generate then other types of traffic.

Buy Website Traffic Targeted
When a visitor enters your site you should make sure that he or she is comfortable there. Flashing advertisements, automatic starting music, annoying pop ups can scare your potential customer. When you buy website traffic, make sure that your site is welcoming and easily navigable. There is nothing more aggravating then confusing navigation. Unless potential customer feels comfortable, he or she will not trust your site and will not buy your product or sign up for your services.
Buy website traffic only if it works for your business. Although, buying website traffic is safe for all the websites, in some rear cases, it might not help to increase profits. For example, if your site is poorly prepared to capture interest of a visitor, most of the traffic will leave your website immediately. You have to make sure that visitor’s attention is locked to your site as soon as he or she gets there. If you sell a product, interest your visitor with nicest photos of your products and do not forget to include information about discounts. As with everything, do not overdue with graphics. Too much blinking stuff on the website also can scare people. Visitors love simplicity and overwhelming stuff makes them uncomfortable.
One has to be careful though and buy website traffic only from reputable provider. There are a lot of website traffic providers but only a few good ones. How to distinguish good ones from bad ones? First of all, look at provider’s website content. It has to have a lot of valuable resources and informative professional articles. Anyone can create a website with little or no content but only professionals can create valuable long content. In general, professional articles should be at least 2000 words. Majority of bad website providers articles are 300 – 500 words. Articles should contain information about website traffic. Fishy website traffic providers post any articles on any topics just to make their site look live and informative. This information helps a lot of beginners to choose the right supplier.
Buy website traffic only if your website is ready to accept traffic. One of the biggest mistakes one can do is to get visitors when the website is not ready to accept them. It does not make any sense to invest in something which will not bring any profits.
If you buy website traffic, you not only get potential customers but also potential your business advertisers. If your visitors like your site, they definitely will tell about it to their friends and relatives. Mouth-to-mouth is the best advertising ever! People believe their friends more then TV or the Internet combined. There are a lot of successful businesses who use mouth-to-mouth advertising only. With paid traffic you kill two birds at once: you get potential customer base and potential advertisers.

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buy website traffic success

Increase Conversions When You Buy Website Traffic

Many of our readers think that buying website traffic can solve all their business website needs. They are right and wrong at the same time. When you buy website traffic you make only the first step towards success. To reach the finish line though you need to adjust your website so the traffic that you bought would convert. We have many articles about how to buy website traffic in our Blog section. This article is all about how to make your visitors convert.

Clean Design

Overpopulation of elements and blinking advertisements on a website scare visitors. Don’t think that the more ads you put on the website the more clicks you will get! Now days people look for clarity and only websites with clean and easily navigable designs have a good chance for clicks when you buy website traffic.

Create Attention Getting and Clear Value Proposition

What does it mean? Simply explain your visitor why he or she should buy from you and not from your competitor! Put as much information on how your website and your product or service is superior to your competitor’s. When you buy website traffic, you get a lot of visitors who already checked other similar websites to yours. If you have a better product at least in one aspect, they will buy from you!

Testing The Traffic

Not all traffic works for all websites. When you buy website traffic from reputable visitors provider, you have an option to choose business category which best describes your business. You should test traffic in small badges before ordering a lot. Try one category, and if it does not work – try others. Testing of traffic and finding the right category can really increase your conversion rate. Of course, timing is also important. Even the best targeted traffic will not help selling Christmas trees in New York in July, or portable air conditioners in Paris in February.

A Lot of Useful Information

Smart websites inform their visitors a lot. The times where people would do little research before buying anything are long gone. Even a cheapest item online has tons of reviews and comments. So put as many paragraphs of useful and informative information about your products or services as possible. It is always better to over inform your customers then under inform. When you buy website traffic, you get a lot of visitors with a little knowledge about your stuff. Do not make them to look for information elsewhere, but give them all inclusive services so they stay on your website, read, and finally buy!

Buy Website Traffic Price

Set Marketable Price

One of the biggest mistakes one can do is to overcharge his customer. Unless you have a monopoly on your product or service, you cannot price gouge. It is very easy to find what is the market price on every product by using a search engine. If your customer will find out that you overcharged him, he will leave you forever. So set your prices to reasonable level before you buy website traffic. The visitors will be not only your customers, but also your free advertisers  when you will give them a good deal!

Cut the Jargon

Nobody likes smart talk. Moreover, people tend to leave websites where there is a lot of not understandable information. Clarity and simplicity is the key to keep your visitors on your website. You buy website traffic with intent of converting visitors into paying customers. Only in very few occasions people buy something without thinking and reading about the product (exceptions: very low priced items or something in low availability). If you use simple wording you can make your visitors to relate to your website. That greatly increases the conversion rate.

Sell Only Quality Product or Service

If you will look at successful companies you will see that they are selling only quality products and services and back them with great return policy. Why is that? Can someone have a good living selling low quality product? No. Bad quality invites bad reviews and customers will not return and will not tell about your business to others. Although low quality service and product sales sometimes can bring short time profits, in long term this will lead to failing. Every time you buy website traffic, you must care about your visitors and sell them quality items. In this case people will share about your website with others and will return for more.

Buy Website Traffic Sales Funnel

Build Sales Funnel

Not everybody comes to your website to buy your product or service instantly. After you buy website traffic your majority of visitors will see your website and your products the first time. A part of them will leave your website instantly, the other will look through it. You need to warm the second group so it will buy your stuff. The more expensive your products are, the more “”warming” time your visitors require! Sales funnel consists of 4 layers:

  • Awareness – visitor becomes aware of the product.
  • Interest – visitor demonstrates interest into product.
  • Decision – visitor makes final decision.
  • Action – visitors buys your product.

Address Doubts

Every visitor you get after you buy website traffic will have small or big doubt about your product or service. So it is a good idea to make a list of preliminary objections and post it on your website. The list really depends on your particular niche, but I’ll list here broad points that every website can address:

  • Explain what problems can your product or service solve.
  • List your certificates and credentials.
  • List positive reviews from your customers.
  • Tell about value your product can offer.
  • Compare your price with competition.
  • Explain your price.
  • List discounts.

Increase Confidence

In order to convert your visitors have to be confident about your website when you buy website traffic. If there is no trust – there will be no sale! How to increase the trust? Here is a list from what you can start:

  • Show that you are real! Put your physical address and maybe a dot on the map on About Us page! That will humanise you!
  • Don’t forget Contact Us page! Visitors have to feel that it is really easy to contact you!
  • Make sure there are no mistakes on your website!
  • Do not overuse deals, ads, or offers on your site! People do not like them when they overwhelm them!
  • Keep your site alive by updating it often!
  • Clean design is the key to simplicity and easy navigation! Do not confuse visitors by overpopulation of elements!
  • Use professional site design or WordPress template!
  • Make sure that it is easy to your visitors to verify information posted on your website!
  • Underline your expertise and experience that your team has!

Buy Website Traffic No Risk

Reduce Visitor’s Risk

To make your visitor’s trust you, offer some kind of guarantees. When you buy website traffic, you get unsuspecting visitors who most likely are not familiar with your website. Make them more comfortable by ensuring that they are in a safe place. You can do that by:

  • Easy return policy.
  • Warranty of some kind.
  • Positive reviews of current customers.
  • Assurance of quick delivery.
  • Payment’s security proven by security certificates.
  • Long lasting product quality examples.

Remove Unnecessary Elements From your Website

You buy website traffic in order to get more buying customers. Make your website and especially the landing page empty from additional unnecessary elements. In this case the visitors will not be distracted from the purchase object and would not move their attention elsewhere.  A lot of business owners are making mistake over-beautifying their websites which sometimes is not good for conversions. Here is a quick list what can be removed for the landing page to increase your conversions:

  • Remove unnecessary images and videos.
  • Minimize sidebars and headings or even remove them if not necessary.
  • Remove unnecessary menus.
  • Remove chat boxes from Action page (see Sales Funnel info). They should be only in Interest and Decision pages.

Give Proof

Your regular visitors or the ones that you get when you buy website traffic need evidence that you sell quality product or service in order to convert. Because there are a lot of bad people online selling bad quality stuff, many customers are very cautious before opening their wallets. As a result of that offer as much proof that you are reputable company and sell only quality stuff as possible. Your visitors have to be convinced that he or she can trust you and buy only from you! Here is a quick list where to start:

  • Demo your product by showing quick video or using images.
  • List your customers’ testimonials.
  • Give results of scientific studies and tests is applicable.
  • Don’t forget “Before and After” case studies’ magic!
  • If you have a lot of customers, list the number! Nothing speaks louder than numbers!
  • If you use third party review sites such as Yelp or Google Reviews – show them!

Buy Website Traffic Unique

Be unique

Uniqueness attracts attention. Before you buy website traffic make sure that you have unique content. It will make your customers better remember you and distinguish you from your competitors. It will also have a positive effect on search engine optimisation for your site. Google likes unique content and will give you extra SEO points. Uniqueness will show your visitors your authority. One who can create a unique content will be more trusted than one who only copies it from other sites. Don’t be afraid of experimenting and using your imagination!

Simplify your articles

You must understand that most of your visitors that you get after you buy website traffic will not be PHD students. Majority of people do not do scientific  research and will not have knowledge and time to read difficult articles. Simplify everything! The more people will understand you, the more they will trust you. Make the information understandable to everybody from high school student to retired Uber driver. Simplification will increase your conversion rate and get you some friends too!

Smart product or service advertisement

Wherever you are selling you have to advertise it smartly. Do not push your products or services to your visitors too much. If you will advertise your items too aggressively, you will scare your customers and they will run away. Buy website traffic only after your inventory is placed smartly on your site. It has to be visible to your clients all the time, but it cannot be overwhelming. Even if people are coming to your website with the intent to buy, your inventory should not be blinking and jumping…. Your visitors should not feel pressured into buying anything unless you are selling non renewable time sensitive inventory (airline tickets, hotel rooms, etc…).

Coupons and Deals

Everybody likes good deals! Think about offering some kind of specials or coupons if they are applicable to your products. Place them on your site before you buy website traffic. In addition to conversion increase you can use coupons for your site’s search engine optimization benefits. There are a lot of coupon sites that will place your coupons for you for free. With the coupon they also will put a link to your site. Everybody knows, that the more inbound links you get, the better your site will be ranked on search engines result page.


The visitors who you get after you buy website traffic do not expect to see your site. Companies who sell visitors get them mostly from expired websites and domains that they own. When a person visits that expired website instead that site he or she sees your site. To convert that person you need first of all not to scare him. Everything flashing will make 99.9% of visitors leave… The best strategy is to gather visitors attention with the picture of your wonderful product that you sell or with information about the deal that is going on right now on your site. Again, make it visible, but do not copy Las Vegas lights! The cleaner the design is the more comfortable your visitor will feel visiting your site.

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Buying Traffic

How Buying Traffic Can Help Your Business

If you have a business that is fully or partly done by using the Internet, this article is for you. Here, in simple words, we will explain how buying website traffic can help to increase your business. We will also show you a couple of examples and give you real world data and numbers to fully understand the buying traffic process, its benefits, and tricky parts. After reading this article you will be able to make a decision if buying traffic is for you.

What does buying traffic mean?

Website traffic buying is a process of paying a website traffic provider for an agreed amount of website visitors. After a client pays for visitors, the provider directs amount of visitors to buyers website. The traffic is directed in packets. The size of the packets is chosen by the buyer. For example, if buyer buys 10,000 visitors, he or she can choose how many visitors a day should the website get. For faster result one can order all 10,000 to be received in 1 day, for slow but more predictable results one can request for all traffic to be sent in 60 days. The website business owner has to understand that the more he or she orders, the more potential customers can be converted and the website has to be ready for them. Buying traffic is a popular marketing procedure done by many world famous companies to get in front of their competitors.

How do website traffic providers get traffic?

Website traffic buying starts with the traffic provider. Providers usually own many websites, domains, and even hosting and search engine companies. They place various advertisements on those websites and portals. If visitors like or are interested into those advertisements, they click on them. That’s how website traffic providers get the traffic. If some website who sells shoes for example, buys traffic, it will get visitors who clicked on advertisements related to shoes. Similarly, people who are interested into mobile phones will be send to websites who ordered traffic interested in mobile phones. Visitors are sorted by business category, location, and the device that they are using. So if a traffic buyer wants to receive website traffic only from one country, he or she can request that. By looking at visitor’s IP address, website traffic provider can see which geographical location is the visitor from and decide to send it to a buyer or not. The same is with the device a visitor is using. It can be seen by website traffic provider. The process of buying traffic is easy and self explanatory.

Advantages of buying traffic:

  • Flexibility in the amount of visitors.

    When buying website traffic one needs to decide how many visitors she needs. The more you get visitors – the more potential customers you can get. You have to understand though that if you will get sudden increase in business your website has to be ready for that. There is no more aggravating situation as non-fully functioning and not loading website. You can start with ordering 5,000 visitors in beginning to see if it works for you. We would suggest though to try ordering traffic a couple of times. A single order might not be the best indicator because of timing, season, and other factors.

  • Flexibility in length of campaign.

    As a buyer, you can decide how long should last the marketing campaign. When buying traffic you pay for a particular amount of visitors and then you decide  how many of them to receive every day. For faster but not as consistent results, you can absorb entire amount in one day, be for better results we suggest do have longer campaigns. Usually, the shortest campaigns can be performed in 1 day and the longest can last up to 60 days. As you can see, buying traffic empowers the buyer to make personalised campaigns that will work best for each businesses.

Buying Traffic Visitors

  • Clear payment model.

    There is nothing more frustrating to the customer then hidden payment models. When buying traffic most providers use clear payment models. In other words, before the transaction you already know how many visitors and how fast you will get. Pay-as-you-go simplifies the transactions and shows that the business is a honest one. There are two most popular payment models:

    1. One time – you pay for each amount of visitors.
    2. Monthly – provider deducts a certain amount from your account every month till you cancel the subscription.

    Both models are good but one might work better than the other for a certain businesses. Buying traffic incorporates honesty and simplicity.

  • Flexibility in business category.

    Buying traffic gives ability to website owners to get right visitors by  choosing their website’s category. If you sell car parts for example, when buying traffic you choose “Automotive – Parts” as your business category. In this case you will receive visitors who are interested into car parts. Chosen the right category is important, because that will determine the conversion rate. The closer the business category on provider’s website is to your web business, the bigger chance to have good conversion rate.

  • Flexibility in geographical location.

    Besides great collection of different business categories, buying traffic gives you ability to expand business by requesting traffic from a particular geographical location. Visitor’s geographical location is determined by his IP address. For example, if a buyer requests traffic from United States, the provider sends his way only visitors with American IP addresses. No other digital advertising model can be as efficient with geographical localization as traffic buying in bulk method. Buying traffic  gives you ability to get clients from all around the world.

  • Competitive prices.

    Website traffic is a global commodity. It means that it’s price is more or less the same everywhere in the world. That makes website traffic price pretty stable and affordable. In comparison to other digital advertising models, buying traffic is really cheap. In some cases, for example versus Cost-Per-Click advertising, buying traffic can be about 1000 times cheaper (Source: Truth Behind Cheap Traffic)! Also, because of its global availability, there is a healthy competition among its providers what makes traffic prices very reasonable.


Buying Traffic Cheap


  • Flexibility in contractual agreements.

    Because of website traffic’s global nature and fierce competition among providers the customer gets many additional perks. Flexibility in contractual agreement is one of those perks. Differently than in other marketing models, buying traffic does not imprison  a customer in a long term or beneficial contract. Majority providers do not use any contracts at all. Some that use are those with monthly subscriptions. Although, most monthly subscriptions can be canceled any time with just a few pushes of a button.

  • Great monitoring tools.

    When buying traffic, one gets top of the line monitoring tools to monitor all incoming visitors. Best providers use Google’s URL shortener to display to their clients how many visitors were delivered, their geographical location, browsers, referrals, and platforms that they use. In addition to that, may picture based website statistic counters can be used to independently verify number of guests. Although, Google’s Analythics is a great tool for some pieces of data about a website, because of its inability to track third party cookies, it is not used for bulk traffic monitoring.

Buying traffic gets your business many benefits:

  • Increase in revenue.

Buying traffic gets you many visitors. The more quality visitors you get – the more customers you acquire. More customers means bigger profits! Just getting a lot of visitors to your website will not by itself increase your profits though. Your website has to be ready for them and your inventory has to be well priced and attractive. Buying traffic is just another way to do digital marketing that brings people to your storefront. But it’s your job to convince them to buy something from you! If used wisely, buying traffic can greatly increase you profits!

  • Increase in popularity.

Buying traffic automatically increases your website in popularity. You will ask how? It is simple: the more people visit your website the more people will talk about your website. The visitors are not only your potential customers, but also your potential advertisers! To utilize this benefit of your new traffic, you have to make your website worth talking about. If you sell good product, have a nice sale, or your website is stunning, it is easy to become popular. That is why it is very important not only to have a good product or service for sale, but also the design and navigation of your website should be nice and friendly.

Buying Traffic Website

  • Decrease in workload.

Everybody agrees that the best work is done by professionals. If you are a marketing guru – do your marketing yourself! But if you into running your business, maybe it is easier if your marketing will be done by people who everyday work by providing best quality visitors for the best price on the internet! Buying traffic will take hard job of getting customers to your website from your hands. As we pointed out before, the prices for internet visitors are low, so you should take care of your business running needs and let professional to take care of your marketing!

  • Specialization benefits.

Everybody knows that the best job is always done by a professional who specializes in something what he or she does! Traffic providers are those professionals! Buying traffic gives a business owner freedom to do what he does best – running the business! Instead of rooming in internet marketing’s maze one can plan sales, organize shipping, or expand the business. Website traffic bought in bulk is cheap, it works, and is absolutely safe to buy from reputable providers.

  • Increase in click-through rate.

Buying traffic helps increase click-through rate. People who base their website business on AdSense knows very well how quality visitors are important! When you get targeted traffic to your website and have targeted advertisements this duet means increased profits. Targeted traffic is presorted, so we approximately know what interests the visitors. When you buy website traffic from reputable provider, you get to choose what business category best describes your business. As we mentioned earlier,  buying traffic is absolutely safe for Google’s AdSense and even encouraged! Many companies count on targeted traffic for 100% of their marketing needs.

  • Boost in Alexa rating.

Alexa Internet Inc. is an internet company that provides website data and analytics. It gives to websites popularity score which is important number to any website because it partly determines the value of the website. Many web base business owners buy Alexa traffic to improve their website’s global ranking. Good global ranking not only increases the value of the website but also helps with search engine optimization and authority of the website. It also shows to your customers that your website is legit and well standing.

Common traffic buying pitfalls:

Although buying traffic is safe and does not harm your website in any way, shape, or form, you have to watch out for fake traffic. Fake traffic is artificial traffic generated by computers – not humans and it does not convert. To discover if the traffic is fake, you have to start with the providers website. Usually, you can tell that the provider is not real by many grammatical, design, and other mistakes on the website. In addition, look for provider’s physical address on the website and see if it is listed on Google Business. If there is no address or address is incomplete or non existing – run away! Although fake traffic will not harm your website or your business, it will cost you money and will not bring any results.

An example:

Buying traffic means getting traffic cheaply. Although, website traffic providers do not guarantee results, with cleverly chosen business category and good timing one can get pretty good conversion rate. Let’s look at an example: You can get 5,000 visitors for around $10. Let’s say you sell items and your net income is $10 for each item sold. So if at least two visitors out of 5000 buy your items your investment of $10 fully pays off and you make a profit of $10. In marketing terms, the super miniscule conversion rate of 0.04 would still bring you a profit of $10. If you would get a conversion rate of 5%, your $10 investment will get you $250 profit.


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Buy Website Traffic

18 Simple Reasons to Buy Website Traffic From VisitorMaker.Com

Quality First

It is easy to buy website traffic on the internet. It can be challenging though to find a reputable traffic provider. For a website owner incoming visitor’s quality must be number one priority. Bad quality untargeted traffic brings low conversion rate. Boot visitors (fake traffic) brings absolute zero conversion rate. VisitorMaker.Com delivers only quality targeted visitors from requested geographical location for selected interested category. Quality is our second name. We deliver the best traffic possible to our value customers, because we are nothing without you. So relax and enjoy the ride because we will be with you all the way to your success!


Best Prices

We guarantee the best prices for the best quality traffic on the internet. Our prices start from just $0.002 per unique visitor. If you will find cheaper prices for targeted traffic it will most likely be boot (fake) visitors generated by computers. Fake traffic is worthless and doesn’t convert.  Our website visitors are quality and unique 100% real humans. Our profit margins are extremely slim because we are looking for long term business. Our goal is to have lots of satisfied repeat customers. Not like other targeted visitors providers, we do not look for quick fat profits. About 35% of our customers are repeat customers. So when you buy website traffic from us, you know that you get the best quality for the best price!


100% Human Traffic

When you buy website traffic from VisitorMaker.Com, you get 100% human visitors. We never use computers to generate fake traffic. We look down to boot visitors providers and also report them! Fake (ghost) traffic providers not only scam people but also give bad name to reputable website visitors providers. Our 100% targeted human traffic is valuable to our clients because it delivers potential customers and also potential advertisers. A lot of times if visitors like a website they are redirected to, they share it with their friends. Who again can share it with their friends. It can spin into free marketing chain.

Buy Website Traffic Cheap

20 Million Visitors Daily

Because VisitorMaker.Com belongs to a network who has extensive network of advertising websites, we can provide quality traffic to any website. Our portfolio consist of over 8500 websites, expired but still popular domains, a couple of internet service providers, 3 search engines, social networking, online gaming, and movie websites. It also has domain registrar which hosts over 9700 ad supported sites. So when you buy website traffic from us, you are guaranteed to receive all quality visitors fully. Period! With our network always expanding and upgrading we average more than 20 million visitors daily.


Secure Online Payments

When you buy website traffic, your provider has to make sure that the financial transaction is secure. For us, personal client’s information security is a priority. We not only use the latest security technology for establishing an encrypted links between servers and browsers, but also use multiple firewalls and anti-viruses on our servers and do extensive employee screenings. This extensive mixture of human and technology security gives us 100% security success rate. In addition, we report all malicious behavior to Federal Trade Commission (FTC),, Internet Crime Complaint Center,  International Trade Administration,, Email, and FBI. We also work with it security companies in developing new security technologies by providing them targeted visitors.


56 Geographical Locations

Our extensive quality targeted traffic network gives us ability to offer our clients to buy website traffic from 56 geographical locations. Each geographical location is scrutinised for quality and mediocre undetermined visitors are disposed. Visitors’ geographical location is being determined by his or her IP address. Our servers cover most highly industrialized countries. As progress moves into less industrialized countries we have plans establishing new sites there too. Since internet use with smartphones skyrocketed, we now offer targeted traffic generated by smartphones and tablets too. Mobile users can be acquired from the same 56 geographical locations.

Buy Website Traffic Quality

314 Interest Categories

VisitorMaker.Com gives ability to a client to buy website traffic for 314 interest categories. The conversion rate highly depends on visitors targeting. Untargeted traffic usually brings very low or even zero results. That is why we scrutinize our visitors highly by interest categories. We sort visitors by business categories from their clicking history on different advertisements. For example, if a visitor clicks on advertisement related to makeup, she will be redirected to a website which was designated to receive traffic for category “Beauty-Makeup”. Besides those 314 interest categories we can personalize traffic to our clients. If you cannot find your category listed on our menu, please let us know and we will do our best finding traffic for your custom needs.


No Spamming

We are strongly against spamming because we do not like to be spammed ourselves. The same like with computer security intrusions, we report all the spammers to responsible instances immediately. Good news are that major search engines, social networking websites, and internet providers are working together with us in fighting illegal and annoying spamming. Every year new anti spam rules are enforced and new algorithms created but spammers are still present in everybody’s live . Hopefully, one day we will be able to eradicate this illegal activity for good.


3 Step Sign-up

Our sign-up process is really simple and fast.  To buy website traffic you need to go only through 3 easy steps:

  1. Choose between Targeted, Alexa, or Adult visitors.
  2. Choose quantity.
  3. Fill in easy form:
    1. Your website URL.
    2. Interest category.
    3. Select target country.
    4. Choose delivery speed.

After these 3 easy steps you will be redirected to PayPal portal to make a secure payment. Your convenience is our goal. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always reach us by email Because our services are 100% human supervised, our response time is between 5 min and 2 hours.

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Excellent Reputation

Since start of our business in 2015 we have excellent reputation. When you buy website traffic from us, you can be sure that you will get the best quality visitors and supreme service. A good reputation is hard to achieve and difficult to repair if damaged. That is why we guarantee our service and will always go extra distance to satisfy our customer. We always welcome suggestions and comments and have a dedicated person to answer them and work on improvements. Because of our pristine reputation, we have satisfied customers in US and abroad. So trust us and relax – you are in good hands!


Customer First

Our philosophy is simple: we deliver the best quality website visitors to our customers. Because we could not exist without our customers who buy website traffic, our customer is always first. That is why we invest our time and effort to fully satisfy you. Since we opened our business in 2015 we deliver exceptional quality to all customers. You get the same superb quality and service if you buy 5,000 visitors or 500,000 visitors. For best service quality, every order is checked and approved by a real human. Because a person has to verify your order, we reserve the right to star traffic campaigns from 0 to 24 hours from receiving the order.


Exceptional Team All Based in US

Our entire team is located in beautiful city of Santa Monica, California, USA. We do not outsource any of our services. We believe in doing business by American and International business laws and ethics standards and will continue doing that way. All our team members have at least Master’s Degrees from American and International accredited schools. We run background checks on all our employees. We also believe in sustainable work environment which opens happy and healthy work culture. We encourage diversity, freedom of ideas and expressions. Instead of giving gifts to each other during holidays, we volunteer and give donations to less fortunate. So every time you buy website traffic from us, a part of your money ends up donated to a charity.

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We Operate On an International Level

We do not operate on just a national level. We deliver traffic from 56 geographical locations to customers who buy website traffic all around the world. Thanks to our loyal traffic buyers, we sell more quality traffic abroad than locally. Since the beginning of our business we gain a solid reputation as #1 global traffic supplier. We can deliver website traffic to any site anywhere in the world given that it is crime free and follows our requirements. Although our websites in other languages are still on the way, we can communicate to our valued customers in English, German, Russian. Spanish, and Lithuanian.


Quick Adaptation to Changing Internet Trends

In today’s fast changing world it is crucial to keep pace with new technology and new ideas. VisitorMaker.Com is a industry leader in innovation and adoption of new hi tech. We are proud member of The Institution of Engineering and Technology and other professional organizations. Innovations in targeted visitors selection and sorting gives us ability to maximize the conversion rates for our clients. We are constantly researching ways to improve targeted traffic quality, redirection speeds, and targeting. We also constantly researching new markets in developed and still developing countries all around the world. By doing that we get a lot of new knowledge that our competitors lack. Because we are the leader in targeted visitors, many well established companies buy website traffic from us.

Friends Of Environment

In September 2015, during the Climate Week, VisitorMaker.Com together with Salesforce, Nike, Starbucks, and Walmart pledged to 100% renewable power. Other financial and industrial giants who gave the pledge were Procter & Gamble, Goldman Sachs, Johnson & Johnson, Steelcase, and Voya Financial.  We are committed to make our ecological footprint on the Earth as little as possible. At our office we recycle majority of our waste and use only recycled paper. Almost all of our team members drive electric or hybrid vehicles, bike, or use public transportation to work.  So buy website traffic from company who takes care of its clients, employees, and the environment!

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Changing Customers’ Lives

Many repeat customers are thanking us for changing their lives. We know very well how difficult marketing is. Many businesses also have an amazing product to sell, but cannot show it to their potential customers. The advertising costs these days are astronomical and the competition is fierce. Here we come to help you! When businesses buy website traffic from us, we deliver potential quality customers to their door steps. As we mentioned before, the targeted visitor prices are very reasonable and any, even tiny business can afford some! You get fresh visitors to your website, some of whom also share information about your business with their friends. That sharing potentially spreads your brand further.


We Fire Bad Customers

Differently than some of our competitors, we refuse services to shady businesses. We respect not only our customers who buy website traffic from us, but also visitors that we direct to our customers. We do not want to risk our reputation in doing business with bad people. As we mentioned before, we value our reputation over extra money. When you buy website traffic from us, you deal with great and generous company. Every association with scammers or thieves can destroy even the best company’s name. In addition, when buying targeted traffic from us, we ask businesses to not to use automatically playing sound or video with audio, popup windows on load or exit. Also automatic software installers, adware or trojans are prohibited. In addition to that, pornographic or other adult material can be on buyers website only if he or she buys Adult traffic. We also warn against having content which promotes illegal activity.


Clients Find Us

Because of quality services that we provide, we do not advertise or do any kind of marketing. Our customers are finding us, not other-ways.  We know that we are the best on the internet and the number of our happy clients proves it. When you buy website traffic from us, you know that you are being served by the best in the industry. Please read our other article “How to Buy Web Traffic (in bulk)” to find more information on how to buy traffic safely!












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