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Design to Sell: 5 Tips for Success When You Buy Website Traffic

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Design to Sell: 5 Tips for Success When You Buy Website Traffic

Many of our readers think that buying website traffic can solve all their business website needs. They are right and wrong at the same time. When you buy website traffic you make only the first step towards success. To reach the finish line though you need to adjust your website so the traffic that you bought would convert. We have many articles about how to buy website traffic in our Blog section. This article is all about how to make your visitors convert.

Clean Design

Overpopulation of elements and blinking advertisements on a website scare visitors. Don’t think that the more ads you put on the website the more clicks you will get! Now days people look for clarity and only websites with clean and easily navigable designs have a good chance for clicks when you buy website traffic.

Create Attention Getting and Clear Value Proposition

What does it mean? Simply explain your visitor why he or she should buy from you and not from your competitor! Put as much information on how your website and your product or service is superior to your competitor’s. When you buy website traffic, you get a lot of visitors who already checked other similar websites to yours. If you have a better product at least in one aspect, they will buy from you!

Testing The Traffic

Not all traffic works for all websites. When you buy website traffic from reputable visitors provider, you have an option to choose business category which best describes your business. You should test traffic in small badges before ordering a lot. Try one category, and if it does not work – try others. Testing of traffic and finding the right category can really increase your conversion rate. Of course, timing is also important. Even the best targeted traffic will not help selling Christmas trees in New York in July, or portable air conditioners in Paris in February.

A Lot of Useful Information

Smart websites inform their visitors a lot. The times where people would do little research before buying anything are long gone. Even a cheapest item online has tons of reviews and comments. So put as many paragraphs of useful and informative information about your products or services as possible. It is always better to over inform your customers then under inform. When you buy website traffic, you get a lot of visitors with a little knowledge about your stuff. Do not make them to look for information elsewhere, but give them all inclusive services so they stay on your website, read, and finally buy!

Set Marketable Price

One of the biggest mistakes one can do is to overcharge his customer. Unless you have a monopoly on your product or service, you cannot price gouge. It is very easy to find what is the market price on every product by using a search engine. If your customer will find out that you overcharged him, he will leave you forever. So set your prices to reasonable level before you buy website traffic. The visitors will be not only your customers, but also your free advertisers  when you will give them a good deal!

Cut the Jargon

Nobody likes smart talk. Moreover, people tend to leave websites where there is a lot of not understandable information. Clarity and simplicity is the key to keep your visitors on your website. You buy website traffic with intent of converting visitors into paying customers. Only in very few occasions people buy something without thinking and reading about the product (exceptions: very low priced items or something in low availability). If you use simple wording you can make your visitors to relate to your website. That greatly increases the conversion rate.

Sell Only Quality Product or Service

If you will look at successful companies you will see that they are selling only quality products and services and back them with great return policy. Why is that? Can someone have a good living selling low quality product? No. Bad quality invites bad reviews and customers will not return and will not tell about your business to others. Although low quality service and product sales sometimes can bring short time profits, in long term this will lead to failing. Every time you buy website traffic, you must care about your visitors and sell them quality items. In this case people will share about your website with others and will return for more.

Buy Website Traffic Sales Funnel

Build Sales Funnel

Not everybody comes to your website to buy your product or service instantly. After you buy website traffic your majority of visitors will see your website and your products the first time. A part of them will leave your website instantly, the other will look through it. You need to warm the second group so it will buy your stuff. The more expensive your products are, the more “”warming” time your visitors require! Sales funnel consists of 4 layers:

  • Awareness – visitor becomes aware of the product.
  • Interest – visitor demonstrates interest into product.
  • Decision – visitor makes final decision.
  • Action – visitors buys your product.

Address Doubts

Every visitor you get after you buy website traffic will have small or big doubt about your product or service. So it is a good idea to make a list of preliminary objections and post it on your website. The list really depends on your particular niche, but I’ll list here broad points that every website can address:

  • Explain what problems can your product or service solve.
  • List your certificates and credentials.
  • List positive reviews from your customers.
  • Tell about value your product can offer.
  • Compare your price with competition.
  • Explain your price.
  • List discounts.

Increase Confidence

In order to convert your visitors have to be confident about your website when you buy website traffic. If there is no trust – there will be no sale! How to increase the trust? Here is a list from what you can start:

  • Show that you are real! Put your physical address and maybe a dot on the map on About Us page! That will humanise you!
  • Don’t forget Contact Us page! Visitors have to feel that it is really easy to contact you!
  • Make sure there are no mistakes on your website!
  • Do not overuse deals, ads, or offers on your site! People do not like them when they overwhelm them!
  • Keep your site alive by updating it often!
  • Clean design is the key to simplicity and easy navigation! Do not confuse visitors by overpopulation of elements!
  • Use professional site design or WordPress template!
  • Make sure that it is easy to your visitors to verify information posted on your website!
  • Underline your expertise and experience that your team has!

Reduce Visitor’s Risk

To make your visitor’s trust you, offer some kind of guarantees. When you buy website traffic, you get unsuspecting visitors who most likely are not familiar with your website. Make them more comfortable by ensuring that they are in a safe place. You can do that by:

  • Easy return policy.
  • Warranty of some kind.
  • Positive reviews of current customers.
  • Assurance of quick delivery.
  • Payment’s security proven by security certificates.
  • Long lasting product quality examples.

Remove Unnecessary Elements From your Website

You buy website traffic in order to get more buying customers. Make your website and especially the landing page empty from additional unnecessary elements. In this case the visitors will not be distracted from the purchase object and would not move their attention elsewhere.  A lot of business owners are making mistake over-beautifying their websites which sometimes is not good for conversions. Here is a quick list what can be removed for the landing page to increase your conversions:

  • Remove unnecessary images and videos.
  • Minimize sidebars and headings or even remove them if not necessary.
  • Remove unnecessary menus.
  • Remove chat boxes from Action page (see Sales Funnel info). They should be only in Interest and Decision pages.

Give Proof

Your regular visitors or the ones that you get when you buy website traffic need evidence that you sell quality product or service in order to convert. Because there are a lot of bad people online selling bad quality stuff, many customers are very cautious before opening their wallets. As a result of that offer as much proof that you are reputable company and sell only quality stuff as possible. Your visitors have to be convinced that he or she can trust you and buy only from you! Here is a quick list where to start:

  • Demo your product by showing quick video or using images.
  • List your customers’ testimonials.
  • Give results of scientific studies and tests is applicable.
  • Don’t forget “Before and After” case studies’ magic!
  • If you have a lot of customers, list the number! Nothing speaks louder than numbers!
  • If you use third party review sites such as Yelp or Google Reviews – show them!

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