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Increase Web Traffic – Search Engine Basics

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Search Engine Basics

Increase Web Traffic – Search Engine Basics

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Crawling, Indexing, and Ranking

Every website owner who wants to increase web traffic to his or her website must understand what crawling, indexing, and ranking is and how they are done.

Crawling is a process of search engine going from one website to another by using web links and discovering website’s content. Usually, search engines such as Google, start with a quality website and visit all the links on its pages and then jump to another website and visit all its pages and etc. Crawling is done by using crawlers, an automatic software. Crawling is not done every day for all the pages. Search engines prioritize the pages and try to visit most updated ones more than the ones that are not being updated often.

Indexing is a process of understanding, collecting, and placing the data from crawled websites to a massive database. When a searcher enters a search query, a search engine uses that database to direct the user to the best possible website for that particular search query.

Ranking is a particularly sorted search engines list of results after a searcher enters a search query. To list the results, search engines use formulas to determine which websites are most relevant and should be listed at the top positions.

Search Engine Content

Analysis of the content

Search engines perform a detailed analysis of a webpage to understand what it is all about. It creates a semantic map of keywords that later play huge role in determining how important is this website for a particular search query.
Search engines can understand HTML code but they have difficulty decoding PHP and other programming tricks. Here is a list of what search engines are reading from the website:

Title – very important.
HTML Content Text – very important.
Alt Attribute – very important.
Meta Keyword Tag – not important.
Meta Description Tag – not important.
Noscript – not important.

Search Engine Quality

Quality Of The Content

Search engines like high quality content. They use different kind of techniques to understand and evaluate the content. Search engines use Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level Readability Formula, spell checkers, length of sentence calculation and etc. to guess about the quality of the content.

Search Engine Links

Link Analysis

To further analyse your site, search engines measure who is linking to it. All links are not the same. For best results, links should be:

From trusted sites.

From pages whose content is related to your site content.

Anchor words should be closely related to your keywords.

Search Engine Positive Rankings:

Domain-level link authority features.

Page-level link metrics.

Page-level keywords and content.

Page-level keyword-agnostic features.

Domain-level brand metrics.

Usage and traffic/query data.

Page-level social metrics.

Domain-level keyword usage.

Domain-level keyword usage.

Domain-level keyword-agnostic features.

Search Engine Negative Rankings:

Malware hosted on the website.


Paid link farm users.

Slow page load speed.

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