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Website Traffic Secrets – Understanding Search Engines

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Search Engines Traffic

Website Traffic Secrets – Understanding Search Engines

Search engines are here to help people to find what they are looking online. To ensure that information which search engines provide to a user is relevant and up to date, search engines invest tremendous amount of time and effort. They collect information by crawling the internet with their “spiders” – software capable to read html code. The information about each crawled website then is stored on search engine’s servers. Each search engine has its own secret algorithms for ranking each website they crawl. Quality of website’s content, number and quality of inbound links, and social media activity around the website are some of important inputs that search engines use in their algorithms. Those algorithms then decide websites relevance to search keywords and place the website on their pages accordingly.

Search Engines Search Results

Types of Search Results

Organic and non-organic are the two types of search results shown by search engines after a person enters a search query. Organic search results are the results that appear because they are relevant to the searched information. Non-organic search results are the results that appear because of paid advertising. Paid advertising, such as pay-per-click advertising, is the biggest revenue source for search engines.

Search Engines Statistics

What Search Engines You Should Pay Attention To

According to comScore, an American Internet analytics company, Google dominates American search engine market with around 64.1% of users, in second place comes Microsoft’s Bing with around 20.3% users, and Yahoo comes in third place with 12.7%. I should note that since 2011 Yahoo uses Microsoft for providing its search results. In the global market, the Chinese giant Baidu gets the fourth place.

Search Engines Boy

Types of Search Quarries

To increase website traffic to your site you must understand people’s search intents. In general, people search for navigation, information, or to make a transaction.

Navigation queries are searches for specific website. For example, if someone wants to buy web traffic from but forgot the exact spelling of this website, he or she would perform navigation query.

Informational Queries are searches to get more information about a particular subject. For example, if you would like to research various ways to increase web traffic to your website, you would perform an informational query.

Transactional searches are performed by people who know what they want and are ready to buy or at least sign up for a free trial. For example, if someone wants to buy website traffic and searches for traffic sellers in order to buy, they would perform transactional search.

Search Engines Mobile

Search Engines and Mobile Devices

Since 2014 leading search engines pay special attention to website’s compatibility to mobile devices. In order to rank high on search engine’s page and because of that, increase traffic to your website, you must make your website to look good on smartphones and tablets.
Position and Click-Though-Rate

On search engine results page, the most important area is the top left corner. Searchers scan that area the most. The more to the top your website is on the search page, the more clicks you will get. Statistically, the first four positions will get around 70% or even more of all the clicks.

Search Engines Do Not Like Spam

No-No to Spamming

You must understand that search engines are in business to help people and accuracy and information timing are the two most important aspects for them to be on top. That’s way they are very strict with users who try to break rules in order to rank higher on search engines result pages.

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Quality Traffic Means Better Results

How to Get More Quality Traffic and Better Results

Successful websites often need tens of thousands of new visitors in order to sustain. On one hand, it is fairly easy to buy website visitors by the thousand, but quality can be a concern. If you want to investigate how to get more traffic, you need to think about the possible results. Low quality traffic may lead to sales, and it can help to boost your ranks, but it is a gamble.

Coming in from around the world, untargeted web traffic tends to be lower in quality. This type of web traffic can also be more difficult to regulate, leading to overwhelmed servers. The last thing that you want is your website to go down as a result of a flood of low quality web visitors coming in.

Quality Traffic Increases Marketing

Implementing a Marketing Strategy

Your website may be doing well, but you want it to do better. This is the sole reason that marketers and companies learn how to get more traffic. Web traffic is critical for company growth and expansion. To do this, you need a marketing strategy that incorporates purchasing web visitors. You can buy website visitors directly or usher Internet users in by way of search engines.

Businesses buy website visitors because the Internet is vast, and it can be hard to locate interested web users. Although the Internet continues to gain a dominant stronghold in the marketing world each year, this doesn’t mean that all companies are able to gain new customers on their own. In fact, it is becoming more difficult for smaller companies and independently owned businesses to attract new customers because of the way that the web is changing.

Quality Traffic

Defining Quality Web Traffic

Low quality web traffic is usually obvious, but there are also other grades of traffic. The more that you are able to get into specifics, the higher the quality will be. Learning how to get more traffic will not take long if you understand the differences between low and high quality web users. After awhile, it becomes almost impossible not to notice the differences in high and low quality traffic.

Businesses can do more with high quality traffic, even if there are fewer end users being sent to their properties. Simply put, a lot of money can be spent on low quality traffic, but you cannot formulate realistic goals. In the end, you can really do more with less. Keep your budget in mind when buying traffic and you will never have to settle on low quality sources.

Quality Traffic Brings Results

Clear Goals and Results

If the goal is profit, high quality traffic will yield the ideal result. Buying web traffic for even a day can assist your company, but longer term marketing campaigns can help you to create a clear timeline. Use purchased web traffic to boost your website’s ranks, become more popular with members of your targeted audience, and of course, earn more profits.

It may be hard to imagine, but buying website traffic can dramatically improve your bottom line. Interested website visitors are shoppers, even if they have not decided to make a purchase in advance. If you believe in your company, these tools can be invaluable.
Having a large amount of traffic on your website is only beneficial if it has been targeted and filtered properly. Know in advance when you should prepare for a large number of visitors perusing your website and offer them the sales, deals and features they have been scouring the web for.

Few brick and mortar companies are able to anticipate a boon as big as purchased web traffic offers. A good campaign can help your business to make a gratuitous amount of sales immediately. More importantly, these same customers will want to return again, whether it is to see what new things you have available or make another purchase.











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